Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wolverine Creek

With bluebird skies and fair temps, I headed up Wolverine Creek to check out Sharks Fin with local Avy Saavy Gals instructor Jenna and her pup Kijik.  The approach wasn't as bad as I thought.  The toughest part of the access was getting across the canyon of Ingram Creek.  And the uptrack was already established.

The wind has had its way with Turnagain Pass and Southcentral Alaska.  We found wind affected snow from the alders all the way to the ridge tops.  I've never seen wind so devastating in TPass.  Needless to say, the skiing was marginal; but we took some time to dig snowpits and conduct stability tests.

I couldn't help but visually recon some new terrain.  Peterson Creek anyone?

We dropped a south-facing line into Wolverine Creek.
We'll definitely need some new snow before the skiing gets good again, or you'll have to be clever in discovering a powder stash that hasn't seen the hands of Abu Wind.

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