Sunday, March 21, 2010


Greetings powder fans!  Marc, Sam, Gretchen and I headed south to enjoy the sunshine.  But TP was eerily empty considering the 15" of new snow, bluebird skies, and warm spring-like conditions.  It must have been the recent avalanche activity.

We continued our drive to Summit Lake and headed up to Manitoba.  I've always heard this was a slog, and we certainly had a hike in front of us.  I took nearly 2 1/2 hours to gain the ridge, and ski from just below the summit.  Our second run was from the top.  Some pretty awesome terrain back there.

Sam and Marc earnin' it.
There was a hardened death crust as we climbed, made from the nasty melt-freeze cycle we've been in lately.  But there was some nice soft snow on the shadier aspects that didn't receive direct sunlight.

S & G skiing "Canadian".  That's everyone skis at the same time (Note: phrase borrowed from another BC skier :-)
Gretchen loving the down.
Sam loving the down.

Stitching up "Manislowba"
Marc and Sam.  Upper Summit Lake in the background.  This way to Seward...
Lobita looking for some slope angle.
This one is certainly near the top of my wish list.  Spirit Walker looking loud and proud.
First tracks of the day.  Pacemaker scars on the west face of Manitoba.  All in a good days work.
LB says we need to roll.  We Audi 5000...

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