Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mount Gordon Lyon

I just had to get out and ski again.  Meg had ladies night.

We left the Arctic Valley Ski Area parking lot at 3:45PM.

We had the intention of skiing Gordon Lyon from the tippy top.  Conditions were a tad bid wind loaded and styrofoamy, so chose a mellower line off the skiers left.  My camera went rogue, and all the first run photos were washed out.

Debating on the second run, Alan, Marc and I hit up the goods for another stash of white stuff.

Alan dropping in.
Marc dropping in.
Witnessing the overall annihilation of the Front Range powdery goodness.
So someone had the bright idea of skiing to the Glenn Highway.  After 2.5 hours of bushwhacking and alderbashing, we arrived at Grezelka Range for an exfil by Sam C.  Thanks Sam, I owe you some beers!

But I got some awesome shots of the sunset over the Tordrillo's.  The peaks on the lookers left are Redoubt and Iliamna Volcano's.
We arrived at the Glenn at 9:15PM.  I ate McDonald's for was soooo good.  I think I burned about 8000 calories.


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