Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Italian Job

I got an interesting opportunity to show some folks my favorite Front Range powder stash.  Matt (AKA #1, the knee dropper, or he who takes bad ass photos) called me on Friday afternoon looking for some route beta to show their friends.

It just turned out that Italian Photographers Dan and Janine Patitucci presented the sold out show titled "Got Huts?" at the Bear Tooth the previous Thursday night.  These guys have some pretty stellar photos also, check it out.

I couldn't resist the invite.  After a flat tire, stop at the camera shop, and the drive to the South Fork Trailhead, we finally linked up to get some powder turns.

The South Fork must have gotten some recent wind events.  It was a little bare in spots.  I heard things like "I doubt we'll find powder", "I'll be really surprised if we get good snow", and "this is gonna suck."  My only comment...."Trust me."

I didn't have my camera for proof of "how good it was".  Everyone was thankful for the Chugach powder stash, so much that they all did another run.  I had a dinner date, so LB and I headed back to the truck.  But not before enjoying a snow chilled Silver Bullet.


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