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Yeah, I know.  I apologize for the lack of stoke.  As the Snowbomb wrote to me in an email, "Missing from 'The Uptrack-, Stoke!"  Life is certainly keeping me busy... a new piece of property in Talkeetna, the Big W, and a little bit of packrafting here and there to keep me frosty.

But this post is like none others....a different kind of stoke.  It certainly involves adrenaline, great people, fun times and endless memories - like a great powder day!

September 17th, 2011...yup, I got married.  Meg is frequently spotted on "The Uptrack" seen wearing something pink, or maybe donning some K2 Gotbacks or a Red Alpacka raft.  But these photos hail from Cleveland, Ohio.  Mad props to Anchorage based pro-pho Matt Hage for going out of his comfort zone and partying with us in the C-L-E!

Our wedding weekend started out with the bachelor and bachelorette parties on the Thursday night prior to the Saturday wedding.  The girls enjoyed a nice steak dinner, while the boys played a tournament style Texas-hold-em poker game.

Ya gotta pay to play!
I've always wanted a shave with a straight razor.  Jason from Chop Tops Barber Shop in Richfield, Ohio hooked me up on the morning of the wedding day.
And I hooked up all the guys with a nice Crossfit workout.  Kyle Rowse from Crossfit Energy supported the Fight Gone Bad 6 event at his affiliate gym.  What better way to start the day off than with a good workout.  Check out the link to better understand what it is, and how it was developed.  There were some broken hearts and snapped souls.

These guys aren't having it.  Meg's two brothers, Bobby and Joey.
The victims.  From L to R: Me, Brendo, Pat, Bobby, Scott, Joey, Aaron.
Scott perfects his form on the "push press".  Standard for men is 75 pounds.  He's about 30 pounds short...but hey, he's a Vietnam veteran!
The Sumo Deadlift High Pull.  Standard for men is 75 pounds.  Yep, these suck.
Row for calories.
Wall Balls.  Standard for men is 20 pounds, thrown at a height of 10 feet above the ground.  Did I mention these suck too?
It's fun when it's done.  Kyle is a true class act, and it was a great way to start off an amazing day.  Champagne toast by the Best Man....1 of 2 for the day.
Next it's on to the ladies.  Meg's sister Mindy is doing her hair at an elegant hotel in downtown Cleveland.  I guess they had champagne too!
The reveal.  I love the look of Meg's mother.
Where all the ladies at?!?!  From L to R: Christa, JJ, Marisa, Melissa, Meg, Mindy, Katie, Mrs. K.
What would The Uptrack be without a little Alaskan Stoke!  Our cake topper.
Pre-game jitters.
All the ladies helping out the bride.
Enjoying some ice cold Utica Club's on the aft deck.  We did a wedding cruise.  All aboard!
Pat may be my Best Man, but this guy's the Better Man.  Looking sharp Mr. K.
Escorting my Mom down the aisle to her seat.  The "Reverend" Scott close behind.
What a lucky guy.  Pat escorts Meg's sista's down the aisle....maybe Mindy and Melissa are the lucky ones?
I'll remember this one for the rest of my life.
We wrote our own vows, and just sayin' was the best part of the wedding.
Admiring the new bride.  Mrs and Mrs. J!
Small and intimate.  Wedding on a boat.  75 folks.  Group pic with Cleveland in the backdrop.
The Shrink gave me a hard time for not smiling.  I thought I was smiling.  Her dress is beautiful.
The maid(s) of honor giving their toasts.  Nice job ladies!
Father-Daughter dance.  Classic!
Gettin' crazy....all the ladies dancing to "Pour Some Sugar on Me"
Meg and I escaped for a quick pic on the deck with the light of Cleveland in the background.  You won't see any more pictures after this.  We rallied at the Barley House in downtown and partied huge on the party bus until 3:00AM.

Thanks for the celebration!  Go Big, or Go Home (yup, that was in my vows!)

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Yeeaahh...welcome to the club Johnsons!

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