Thursday, June 10, 2010

Packrafting Adventures on the ER

I'm still in the delinquent category for postings.  I've still got Rabbit Creek and Denali National Park on the drawing stay tuned.

But first at hand is the recent packraft adventures.  What's a packraft you say, well check out this link.  You may also want to see the bloggage from the Grandfather of packrafting, Roman Dial.

While the fam was in town for a visit, I took my bro-in-law Brendo for a trip down the Eagle River.  We did the standard run known as bridge-to-bridge.  Starting at the Briggs Bridge on the Eagle River Loop Road, and running to the Glenn Highway Bridge.

Filling up the boats.
Da boys, B'do and Matty J ready to shred.
The river was running about 1000 cfs, so a little bit juicier than previous runs.  Brennen quickly got the hang of it and we were off.  The packraft is fairly forgiving, so any mistake wasn't too serious.  We did see a cow and her newborn calf on the side of the river - and B'do almost flipped it.

Of interesting note, Meg snapped this picture of Raina and Peeking.  An area that we skied a couple of weeks ago.  We skied the cooler from the top of the saddle on the lookers right, Raina Peak.

We got out just above the Class III section of the Campground Rapids and met up with the ladies, and scouted the rapid.  I was the only one to run it, and did so river right.  It was nice and pushy, and very fun.

The day wouldn't be complete without some swiftwater rescue.  We decided to do some rope training.  Me and Brennen on the float...

I said put the rope on your opposite shoulder.  Matty J slays Goliath...
Brennen pulling a king from the Eagle River.
I'm not sure if this was the highlight of his trip, or the large quantity of Ice Axe Ale consumed.  By my count it was around 12 pints and 1 Growler.

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